Caesar Cipher

A cipher shifts letters of the shifted one or more places along the alphabet.




Use this link to create your own Ceasar cipher code and then post in the comments for other to decipher:




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Morse code

This week in Computing we learnt about MORSE CODE

This is Samuel Morse the inventor of Morse Code



Use this website to create some of your own Morse Code messages then copy and paste them into the comments section below for others to decode


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Sir Isaac Newton

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Waterproof!!! 5CS Production Song

Not long now guys and gals, get practicing. We all need to do our part to make this years production as amazing as any other.




Waterproof lyrics:

(Y5) Waterproof




Medley lyrics:

Medley – Lyrics PP

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A world without gravity would be positive, negative, interesting – Why?

Please leave your thoughts in the comment section.

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Following on from our learning today, use the semaphore reference sheet to crack this code:

Here are some examples of semaphore in action:

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We are Cryptographers

This term in Computing our topic is ‘We are Cryptographers’.

Your homework tonight is to find the definitions of all the words in the word bank as well as finding out what a cryptographer is.


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Anti-bullying Week 2018 Homelearning

This week in the UK was Anti-bullying week. In 5CS, we took part in workshops and lesson around anti- bullying and choosing respect. For your homelearning and as part of a competition for Monday you need to:




If you want to learn more about anti-bullying and the ‘Choose Respect’ campaign please visit:





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Science Homelearning

For your science homelearning you need to complete the first half of the scientific report up to the results table, ready to carry out the investigation on Tuesday.

Here is the powerpoint presentation to help you with your write up:



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Remembrance Day 2018 Homelearning


Your homelearning this weekend is:



  • to respond to the marking of the Remembrance Day activities – green highlights and questions (answered in full sentences)

  • to finish creating a symbol and tagline for 5CS

  • to look out for the special artefact that Iris has shared





Here is a reminder of some of the things we looked at over this we to learn more about Remembrance Day:






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